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We're preparing a TED talk on the stories we tell.  Stay tuned for perhaps one of the most riveting 15 minutes of your life.

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Keynotes and Private Addresses

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If you're looking for an inspirational keynote on the ripple-effects of story, schedule one with us.  In this riving hour-long presentation, you'll be touched, inspired and motivated to begin shaping your own narratives.

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The Magic of Story

In this book, Chris Jones, creator of SPARK: The Magic of Storytelling game explores the dynamic role stories play in our lives; from our first breath to our last, we are enmeshed in the stories others create and in the stories we create for ourselves.  




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Deep Learning, Storytelling Workshops

Most of the challenges we face in life and in business center around stories we tell ourselves and others.  Whether we're trying to sell a product, get a job, or manage a workforce, the stories we tell fuel momentum, set direction, and profoundly shape outcomes.

In this half-day workshop, learn highly versatile storytelling techniques that help you get to the core of your identity, message or point.

The mechanics of storytelling are universal and can be used to help you turn corners with your messaging, unpack ideas, and make important breakthroughs with your busineess and your career.

Our workshops are available in both public and private (business) forums.