If you become a backer, expect to get game perks you'll not find anywhere else.  

In this special, deluxe edition, you'll not only get the standard game, you'll get bonus, limited-edition expansion packs that won't ever find themselves on a retail shelf.



Expansion Packs

These limited-edition expansion packs are for Kickstarter backers only.  In these packs, you'll find adventures in space, mystical adventures, scary stories, and comedy sketches that will have you in tears laughing.

These expansion packs can be played separately or combined with the rest of the game for a more dynamic experience.  It's your call. 

Storytelling_Mid-Sized Book_Expansion_Scary4.png

The theme & content of expansion packs included in the Kickstarter Version are subject to change.



Spin Board

The spin board offers players unique storytelling challenges.  Here, you'll find cooperative storytelling, competitive, sequential, and more.

Storytelling Spinner_Purple.jpg


Early Digital Access

Our backers will also get early access to the digital version of the game.  This unique version will offer a much more immersive storytelling experience and will be augmented by visuals slung to a television. 


The digital version of this game is going to be nuts - and quite different than the traditional game.