Thanks for the Cookies


A few weeks ago I was out of town doing work stuff and I made the decision to come home a little early so I could make it to a family function. As fate would have it, I’d hear an old familiar voice in the distance, “Christopher Jones!” I turned to see an old friend, Russ Dixon, who just happened to be at a most unlikely place.

As Russ introduced me to his family, he said, “Kids, this is the real Christopher Jones.” Their jaws dropped a little and they seemed to catch their breath. I was confused by their body language as I was just an ordinary guy with an ordinary family. Russ whispered to me moments later, “I tell my kids stories about a fabled guy named Christopher Jones. He goes on adventures all around the world.” I smiled and said, “Ahh, okay, I’ll play along.” This fabled Christopher Jones was a blend between Christopher Robin and Indiana Jones.

What that re-introduction to an old friend, we went about our lives glad of our fateful reunion.


Over the next few weeks we’d touch base on one thing or another. Russ even came to my office and played SPARK with our employees.


Intrigued by the game on an adult level, I sent him home with a prototype of SPARK so he could play with his family. He sent me a video of his youngest telling stories with the aide of Spark Cards and our Music. It was so fun to see his youngest tell a rich and engaging story out of thin air.

SPARK_RussDixon_v2 1332.jpg

Last night, we had his family over for dinner. Evidently they were so excited to go to the fabled adventurer, Christopher Jones’s home.


After dinner we went downstairs and played a game of SPARK with their kids. They were really interested to hear one of “Christopher Jones’s” stories of adventure. The pressure was on - but in a fun way. Their youngest child told a story, then it was my turn.

This was my plot card:

Plot-cards_PRINT- 41.png

We went on a short but intense journey where I ended up on a small space ship. By the end of the short story, even I wished it were real. :)

As this family left our home, they handed me a little bag of home made chocolate chip cookies. So, today, I made them an image of me leaving on my space adventure, thanking them for the cookies.

Thanks for the Cookies.png